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«Plinko Mania» by Smartsoft

Promotion Period: 1st of August 2022 09:00 UTC - 14th of August 2022 Until 23:59 UTC.

Participating Game:

How to take part and win

  1. Plinko Mania promotion is available to play for real money mode only.
  2. The minimum bet required to qualify is 0.10 EUR or currency equivalent.
  3. Promotion leaderboard will pay prizes at the end of the promotion and top 100 players will receive cash prizes from 10 Euro for 500th place up to 5,000 Euro for the first place.
  4. Leaderboard points can be earned by spinning the points wheel. There are 6 different points on a wheel and each of them can be earned by a Random system. 100,50,25,10,2, or 1 Point Can be won on a wheel.
  5. Players have to enable promotion by clicking the “participation” button inside the promo wheel.
  6. To get the right to spin the wheel you must complete one of 2 missions, each of which gives the right to spin equally.
  7. Mission 1: Each time when a player makes total bet of 100 Euro, he will receive 1 spin (Max 10 Spins per day).
  8. Mission 2: Each time when a player will hit multiplier X200 or higher he will receive 1 spin for every 200X (max 10 spins per day). If a player hits 200X he will get 1 spin on a points wheel and if he will hit 457X he will get 2 spins on a wheel. Players can use the double-up function in some slot games and increase the won multiplier amount – if they lost a bet, the mission will not be accomplished.
  9. During the day player can receive spins from both missions – but the daily limit cap is a total of 10 spins from both missions. After the limit is reached, the mission page will be frozen
  10. Missions’ progress will be renewed each day at 00:00 UTC+0 and players will have a chance to collect spins again.
alert To receive a bonus you must adhere to the rules above!
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